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We are experts in website development, redesigning, hosting, portal development, e-commerce platforms, customized ERP software, PPC marketing and advertising. We strive to deliver high value browser based solutions, at low costs.

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Easy Web Solutions

Combos starting from ₹159

Gone are the days when you have to run behind a developer to get your website done. With our combo plans, you have the liberty to build your own website, with drag and drop. Combo plans include Domain name+ Hosting + Web-builder, starts at ₹159/mo

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Full-fledged e-commerce website at ₹21,999

We have developed a very low cost model, for e-commerce websites. You have to pay one time fee, and your shop will be ready on your domain and hosting with unlimited products and features. Starting at Just ₹21,999

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What We Do?

We help emerging businesses to grow exponentially in the space of internet. Our 'Low cost - High value' browser based solutions gives an edge to offline as well as online business.

service 1

Web Design

We Create most attractive, result oriented websites. Redesign, SEO, CMS and PPC advertisements. We understand your website is your business card, and believe it to be unique.

service 2

Portal Development

We develop browser based software, to give power to your business. Data entry, back-end, billing, inventory, MLM are to name a few. ERP installations are powered by latest cloud based APIs.

service 3

Brutal Marketing

A team of highly qualified and seasoned marketers, will take care of your marketing and analytics. Be it digital or physical, leave it to us, so you can concentrate on the business.

Have You Seen our Work?

We feel proud in whatever we do, be it a website, marketing collateral or portal development. We have gathered a hint of our work over here for your reference, kindly have a look below.

project 1

Website for TFC, Qatar

ClientThe First Contractor
LocationDoha, Qatar
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Responsive Slider

TFC is a leader in manpower consulting. It serves the geographies of GCC and APAC. Their presence across the globe is an example of determination and better service delivery.

project 2

Website for The Naked Truth

ClientThe Naked Truth Magazine
LocationAligarh, Delhi, India
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Ajax, CDN

The Naked Truth Magazine focuses on the hidden aspects of society, and uncovering the taboos that regulates the society.

project 3

Website for IJDSR

ClientIndian Journal of Dental Science & Research
LocationPAN India
SkillsPHP, JavaScript, Ado, CMS, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3

Indian Journal of Dental Science & Research is a community operated by the prestigious dentists of India. This dentist fraternity helps the existing and ever flourishing dental community with its work and papers published across the globe.

project 4

MLM software for Success Ways Group

ClientSuccess Ways India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
LocationShahjahanpur, UP, India
SkillsIoncube, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Apache, Cron jobs

SWG India, empowers the potential crowd of India, by its Multi Level Marketing project. It offers tremendous opportunities to the financially driven population, in order to compensate the financial investments and reap profits for masses.

project 5

Website for MyIQ Education

ClientMy IQ Education Pvt. Ltd.
LocationNoida, India
SkillsWordpress, Customizr, DWQA, Akismet, JavaScript

We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. MyIQ Education is a community that provides free education to all. Reach out and ask your queries, get answers quickly. Solve quizzes and learn every day.

project 6

Website for Ancor Research Labs

ClientAncor Research Labs
LocationGurgaon, India
SkillsAdo, Ajax, Revo Slider, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

So your bright idea cuts across industries, such as Video, Wireless, Medical, Defense, Robotics, and High-performance computing. Ancor Research Labs provides solutions to clients in GIS, and radio equipments.

project 7

Website for S.R.Cannery

LocationAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
SkillsFlash, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

SR�s�, as being India�s leading manufacturer of portion pack of pickle affords delicious taste, premium quality and substance of freshness in different weight packages.

project 8

Website for Mehrotra Superspeciality Dental Clinics

ClientDr. Anil Kumar Mehrotra (IDA)
LocationKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
SkillsWordpress, Practo, PHP, forms

Mehrotra Dentals established by Dr. A. K. Mehrotra 30 years ago with its first clinic at Gumti No. 5 & another clinic 6 years ago at Mac Robert Ganj, Chunniganj, strive to give their patients best in class traeatment without any compromise with the quality.

project 9

Web Portfolio for Ankita Kapoor (Singer)

ClientMs. Ankita Kapoor (Artist & Singer)
LocationMumbai, India
SkillsBootstrap, OIE, photoshop, CSS3, JavaScript

I learned that we can do anything, but we can't do everything... at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything.

  • project 1

    The First Contractor

    Masterpiece of design & technology...

  • project 2

    The Naked Truth

    A theory to spoil the mask...

  • project 3

    Indian Journal of Dental Specialities

    Official publication of IJDSR...

  • project 4

    Success Ways Group

    Accepting challenges is the way to success...

  • project 5

    My IQ Education

    Free Education is for all...

  • project 6

    Ancor Research Labs

    The next generation technology relies on us...

  • project 7


    Savouring tastes internationally...

  • project 8

    Mehrotra Dental Superspeciality Clinics

    We care for your smiles...

  • project 9

    Ankita Kapoor

    Flaunt your talent in style...

Who We Are?

Successful businesses are powered by Dare2web Internet Services, and we are powered by the coolest team on the Earth.

team 1

Mr. Consultant


When you stuck at a problem, he will do the use case analysis. He will pin point the problem. And he will make sure that you will get the solution.

team 1

Ms. Designer


We believe in delivering beautiful products. A design that you can flaunt. It comes with a rigorous brainstorming. Our design team will take proper care of make up.

team 1

Mr. Marketer

Digital Marketer

When you stop expecting people to be on your business, you can get them on board once again. Our team of marketers will provide brutal competition killing strategies. Be it SEO, SEM or SMM, we know what we are doing.

About Us

Dare2web Internet Services, is an IT ancillary of Dataram And Rajaram Enterprise. We incubated in the year 2012, with a mission to empower emerging businesses across the globe, with the power of Internet. We believe in value creation, thus created various 'Low cost- High value' browser based solutions all these years. We are determined to innovate, in the field of Internet, so as to provide power to the businesses and individuals across the globe. We want you to look after your business, while our team will empower your website and portal. With us you can proudly say "Dare To Think Beyond Internet"

Proportion of our projects

  • Beautiful Website designing & Re-designing

  • Cloud based Software and Portals

  • Celebrity Portfolio Profiling

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

We're Hiring

Dare2web Internet Services is growing rapidly. In the pace of growing, we take along our team. Join the Business Development team and showcase your sales and marketing talent. Sky is the limit for us, because we are still looking for candidates from mother Earth.

Visit our shop to register Domain names, Web hosting packages, SSL certificate, e-mails, website builder combos and lots more. It is your one stop shop for all the web needs.

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What Clients Say?

We are into business because of relations and post implementation support. We listen to our clients equivocally, and asked their reviews about Dare2web Internet Services, here is what they say.

"Now Dare2web Internet Services, is handling most of my projects, their sense and simplicity is beyond business."

client 1 Dr. Ankur Mehrotra DAKM India & IJDSR

"Their to and fro services, and more importantly problem solving attitude and understanding the complexity of a project is making them leader."

client 2 Ayush Garg Founder & Editor, The Naked Truth

"What I found out from our 6 years of relationship is that, they never offer one size fits all solutions. "

client 3 Gyanendra Kumar CTO, Ancor Research labs

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Pricing for different packages

Money is just a material that can get you beautiful websites and software. What matters to us is your relationship with
Dare2web Internet Services. We believe in long lasting business relations, and that comes with the
best in the industry support and consulting.


  • 8,999
  • Free 4+1 pages
  • ₹2,500 Google Adwords credit*
  • Company e-mails


  • 21,999
  • Free CMS & Shop Setup
  • Domain name Free for 1 year
  • Payment Gateway Integration


  • 4,999
  • ₹ 2,500 Google Adwords credit
  • ₹ 2,000 Facebook Ads
  • Search Engine / Social Media

Most commonly bought offers have been suggested above. We Offer a lot more than this. Have any idea or facing any business problem in online space. Contact Us now!
We at Dare2web are driven with our motto "Dare To Think Beyond Internet", Contact Us For More Info.

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* With an upfront payment of Rs.500 to Google, you will receive FREE AdWords Credit of Rs.2000. This gives you a total of Rs.2500 Adwords credit to kickstart your online campaign.

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